Multi Storage Rack

MODEL #3313
multi storage rack

Originally built to the exacting specifications of Chip Pugh, MS, CSCS, SCCC, Tennessee Tech University. When we were done, the whole thing seemed so darned handy that we decided to add it to our ever-expanding lineup of functional, multi-dimensional weight equipment.

The Multi Storage Rack is a big help in facilities where traditional weightlifting and Olympic lift techniques are complemented with kettlebell training by keeping several different implements at hand to streamline the flow of gym workouts.

As usual for Legend equipment, the Multi Storage Rack is a single, meticulously welded piece for the ultimate in strength and rigidity while minimizing the need for future maintenance. The only thing left for you to do when you order one is to decide which of our abundant standard powder coat finishes best complements your weight room.

Standard features include:

Kettlebell Tray: Lined with rubber and placed on top for easy access. Also serves as a great place to set medicine balls, weight belts or smoothies.
Bumper Plate Storage: Separated into nine slots by welded rods–just slide rubber bumpers in here like so many records in an album rack.
Olympic Bar Storage: Two vertical bar sleeves keep a couple of Olympic bars at the ready. Can accommodate everything from hex bars and safety squat bars to curl bars and Texas Power Bars – which, as it turns out, is not a beef-based snack food.
Chalk Bowl: Positioned on the forward corner, this chalk bowl is stainless steel, 12 inches in diameter, five inches deep and secured with a five-inch diameter disc.
Olympic Plate Storage: Three chrome-plated, Olympic-diameter plate holders are welded to the frame on the forward side for smaller Olympic plates and bar clamps.

So you see, the 3313 Multi Storage Rack is just so handy it can’t help itself when it comes to providing all the accouterments the modern lifter needs, right there at the edge of the lifting platform.

Kettlebell, bars and plates sold separately.
  • Horizontal bumper plate rack.
  • Rubber-lined kettlebell/accessory rack.
  • Chrome-plated plate storage.
  • Olympic bar holders and a chalk bowl.

67 x 23.5 x 41


265 lbs


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