TrakHandle TrakRow


By combining two of our TrakHandle™ Pro-X handles with our patent pending TrakRow™ , TrakFitness have created a versatile cable pull bar that is a functional quantum leap over existing cable attachments. The TrakRow’s 9-inch spread is perfect for close grip work, including pulldowns, pushdowns, curls and rowing exercises. The TrakRow™ provides four axes of rotation which makes them the most functionally advanced cable bars in the industry. You can now achieve perfect form throughout an entire exercise movement and eliminate impingement and discomfort that sometimes accompanies exercises such as the upright row. The TrakRow is the only rowing attachment that allows a user to rotate their wrists throughout the exercise, allowing them to perfectly mimic an actual rowing stroke.

The TrakRow™ is constructed with high quality die cast aluminum. The pins are stainless steel with push-button operation for ease of use and are secured to the bar with stainless steel lanyards.  The TrakRow™ requires two TrakHandle Pro-X handles for use.

When ordered together with two TrakHandle Pro-X handles, the TrakRow™ can be specified without pins, leaving the TrakHandles permanently attached. This configuration may better suit a high volume setting.

NOTE: Requires two TrakHandle Pro-X handles, sold separately. TrakRow is not compatible with the TrakHandle Sport handles.
  • The only rowing cable attachment that offers full range of motion.
  • Incorporates four axes of rotation.
  • Full range of motion exercises can increase gains in muscle development.9-inch spread.
  • Backed by TrakFitness with a 3-year warranty.
  • Die cast aluminum and stainless steel construction.

4 lbs.

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