Alpha HD Pull-Up Bar System

alpha hd pull-up bar system
The Alpha HD Pull-Up Bar System is an updated version of our original Alpha Pull-Up Bar. It's made out of heavier steel - 11-gauge to be exact - for more sturdiness and durability. The Alpha HD is still an all-purpose wall or ceiling mount pull-up bar system. It is both convenient for any space-conscious athlete and even more stable for all pull-up variations. You also have the added option to purchase the brackets and the bar together or just the brackets, should you choose to use your own bar. The square 2" x 1" tubing and 1.25" diameter bar (sold separately) make both kipping and strict pull ups easier to string together. Chin-ups and muscle-ups can also be practiced should you feel the urge to show off in front of your friends.

- Order brackets only you can setup for any length by putting brackets in a row. 1" or 1.25" OD Pipe can be purchased from local tube suppliers to run through the brackets
· Frame is constructed of 2" x 1" square tubing - 11 Gauge Steel
· Bar diameter is 1.25"
· Excellent for kipping pull-ups
· 35 lbs.
· 50”L x 32”W x 31”H
· 12" or 22"” from mounting surface
· The brackets can be mounted at any width

Shipping Specs:
- Shipping Weight: 17 lbs. per bracket; 4 lbs. bar
- Shipping Dimensions: 40" x 36" x 3" (pair of brackets); 55" x 2" x 2" (bar)

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