Guillotine Half-Rack Conversion Kit

guillotine half-rack conversion kit
Guillotine Half-Rack Conversion Kit
- Dual workout compatibility (additional pull up station and squat rack)
- Full cage appearance (some people hate the idea of an open rack)
- Harness the secure feeling of squatting in a full cage with minimum movement once bar is unracked
- Additional room for plate storage on back peg bars  

2x 7'8" uprights
2x Square Cross Bars
1x Pull-Up Bar
4x Triangle Plates for connecting back uprights and crossbar
2x Solid spotter pins
Necessary Hardware for assembly

This Guillotine Half-Rack Conversion Kit expands the Guillotine's versatility, giving it the ability to perform rack pulls and use safety spotters for bench work.

NOTE: The Guillotine Half-Rack Conversion Kit comes with 2x Solid Spotter Pins that will only be compatible with Guillotines produced by Get RXd that have holes on all 4 sides of upright.

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