4' FreeStanding Basic (4 Pull-Up Stations & 2 Racks)

4inch freestanding basic
4' FreeStanding Basic (4 Pull-up Stations & 2 Racks) - 9' Uprights

Get RX'd Rig Features
1) J-Cups Included with purchase.
2) All bolts, nuts, and concrete anchors for the ground are provided free of charge.
3) Pullup bars, square crossbars, and monkey bars adjustable in height. They are all independent of one another. Cross Rig: Pull-up bars are adjustable from 5'7" up to 9' Titan Rig: Pull-up bars are adjustable from 6'2" up to 9'
4) Rigs are completely modular, so you can add length, width (make it 2-lane, 3-lane, etc), or upgrade your Rig’s configuration to Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert Levels as your gym expands.
5) Variety of different attachments for Cross Rig and Titan Rig.
6.) Standard listed rigs are 6' wide. We can also make 4' width, just e-mail sales@getrxd.com
7.) Full External Powder Coat. 11 gauge steel Uprights and CrossBars. 7 gauge steel pull-up bars.
Don't see a configuration you want? E-mail sales@getrxd.com and we'll build a custom one for you! 
We make two different styles of rigs, the CrossRig and the Titan Rig:
The Titan uses 3'' X 3" uprights which are a bit more beefy than the CrossRig uprights at 2.5" X 2.5" or other companies uprights at 2’’ X 3’’ or even 2’’ X 2’’. This makes the whole configuration thicker and more stable.

The uprights on the Titan have holes for accessories on all four sides, so you can rotate accessories 90 degrees around the upright, whereas other rigs on the market including the CrossRig have holes on only 2 sides. Titan Accessories are also higher quality and include 4 sides of enclosure for all accessories, whereas other rigs on the market including the CrossRig only use 3 sides of enclosure.

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