LeverEDGE Unilateral Seated Tricep Press

MODEL #6010

This is a rare bird in the strength machine market–a unilateral, plate-loaded tricep machine. So, we’ll understand if you’ve never seen one before. To get you up to speed, here are the highlights:

• Unilateral lever action for independent arm training, can also be linked together for traditional exercises
• More adjustable than the competition, every user dimension can be set to the user’s stature
• Designed for two exercises: facing forward, traditional dip; facing rearward, bench dip

All that in addition to the usual LeverEDGE advantages:

Weights at the Ready
There are four chrome-plated Olympic bar-sized weight storage pegs that keep plates handy for rapid adjustments between sets and off the floor for a safer workout environment.

Extra Long Loading Pegs
For the bigger brutes, athletes and bodybuilders out there, you can load up nine plates on each lever arm.

Legendary Value
Simplicity was a primary design target to provide affordability and rigidity.

Optimal Ergonomics
Multi-grip closed-cell foam handles that are adjustable for height and angle, unique pad design to accommodate forward and rear-facing exercises.

Robust Construction
The frame was designed using 3D CAD software to minimize the use of fasteners, so assembly only requires four bolts. The rest is precision East Tennessee welding. This translates to easier setup, less maintenance and extra rigidity! Heavy-duty pillow block bearings are tough as nails, feature grease fittings for ease of maintenance and are smooth enough to never get in the way of a workout.

There aren’t many tricep machines out there built for the serious lifter. The LeverEDGE Unilateral Seated Tricep Press answers this call with the usual Legend made-in-America quality and thoughtful attention to detail that separates it from the competition. From the outset, we wanted it to offer proper positioning, which can only be achieved when all the contact points can be adjusted. This allows the user to get in the proper position for muscle activation regardless of stature. Next, we wanted it to be versatile, and the 6010 allows two different tricep resistance exercises. If the user sits toward the machine while sitting on their knees, a traditional dip can be performed but with a variable weight resistance that bodyweight devices can’t offer. If the user faces away from the machine with their chest supported by the angled pad, a press similar to a bench dip can be performed for more deltoid activation. But, unlike bench dips, this design prevents the forearms from moving too far behind the body, which reduces tricep activation.

Frame constructed with 2×2- and 3×3-inch, 11 gauge steel with very few bolts, providing extreme rigidity, strength and durability.
  • Unilateral or linked lever action.
  • Face inward for traditional dips, outward for bench-style dips.
  • Extra long loading pegs hold 7+ plates.
  • Very adjustable, every user dimension can be set to the user’s stature.

73.75 x 60.75 x 44.75


378 lbs

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