Power Flat Bench

power flat bench
The Power Flat Bench is great for the standard bench press, Bulgarian split squats, dips and other fundamental exercises. The Get RXd Power Flat bench is the perfect addition to any home or commercial gym. The Power Flat Bench measures 50"x17" foot print with a 47"x12" with 3" thick pad that is bolted on top. This Power Flat Bench also comes with a fixed handle and wheels, making it easily mobile and great for anyone with a space concern. Move it in, move it out. Happy Training!

- Handle with Wheels/Casters for easy moving and storage.
- Bench Dimensions: 50" x 17"
- Height: 16.5" from floor to top of pad
- Pad Dimensions: 47" x 12" x 3" thickness
- Weight: 52 LBs

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