SelectEDGE Leg Press

MODEL #1109
selectedge leg press

The SelectEDGE Leg Press offers features to satisfy casual users, athletes and fitness club managers alike. Starting with a 400-pound weight stack and the absence of any pulley reduction, this is not a machine for boosting egos, because when you select 100 pounds, it really feels like 100 pounds. So we’ve got the body builders covered. There’s also the sleek design, 30 standard frame colors and over 80 standard upholstery colors for the two-tone pads, and hidden cable that will look good in any environment.

There’s American-made quality, too, with smooth movement provided by four tough pillow block bearings, and pulleys with shielded bearings and a contact surface that’s easier on cables than metal pulleys. Finally, there’s the robust seat adjustment, featuring chrome-plated guide rods and linear bearings. The large foot plate allows a variety of user sizes and foot positions, and it’s made from thick, high-density polymers with a grippy surface.
  • Large footplate is grippy and has no sharp edges.
  • Footplate articulated by four pillow block shielded bearings.
  • Seat adjusts through linear bearings on solid steel guide rods.
  • All adjustment surfaces are chrome plated.
  • Seat back angle is adjustable.
  • Extra long grab handles.
  • 400-pound weight stack in 20-pound increments.
  • Effort reduction minimized for better weight feel.

90 x 51 x 63.25


1050 lbs

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