Everroll Stone

csm bsw 0040 everroll stone island dba4685183
Design: multicolour granulate sample with colour areas of approximately equal size, small granulate, slight directional orientation, small pores
Material: PUR bonded granulate from EPDM

Available in:

everroll® compact: 4, 6 mm
everroll® impact: 8, 10 mm
everroll® impact+ (Regupol® + stone): 8+6 mm, 8+8 mm, 10+6 mm, 10+8 mm
everroll® multitile: 27 mm (incl. 4 mm top layer stone)
everroll® weightlayer: 43 mm (incl. 4, 6 mm top layer stone)

BSW's everroll® impact rubber fitness and gym flooring is available in 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm thickness. The robust rubber flooring was developed for free-weight training and cross fit-facilities. everroll® impact gym flooring can withstand heavy impacts, provides protection against injuries and is specifically resistant against drop impacts from free-weights, dumbbells or kettlebells.

Material composition Resilient, homogeneous gym flooring made from PUR bonded rubber crumb and EPDM granulate
Thickness 8, 10, 12 mm (depending on design)
Dimensions of rolls Standard width: 1,250 mm
Standard lengths: 10 m / 15 m / 20 m
Force reduction everroll® impact offers a higher force reduction rating than most conventional floor coverings:
8 mm: approximately 12.9 %
10 mm: approximately 13.7 %
12 mm: approximately 16.0 %
The force reduction rating is expressed as a relative percentage (bare concrete slab = 0 % force reduction) of the force that is not reflected when applied to a resilient surface. The higher the force reduction rating, the more “forgiving” the surface.
Impact resistance 8 mm: 15 Nm
10 mm: 15 Nm
12 mm: 15 Nm
These impact resistance ratings exceed the universally applicable minimum requirement for sports floorings of 8 Nm quite considerably.
Gloss level 0.0 - 0.3 GU (Gloss Unit) in "edition 4.0"
Impact sound improvement rating (dLw) 8 mm: approximately 21 dB
Special properties and benefits:

Improved joint protection during fitness exercises, moderate shock absorption
Heightened protection for screeds and other floor constructions according to the specific use
High level of impact sound insulation
impact resistance exceeds industry standard
slip resistant
suitable for underfloor heating
good colour fastness
no troublesome light reflections

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