Linear Bearing GHD

linear bearing ghd
Combining our 2 previous models, the Get RXd Linear Bearing GHD aims to be the leader in the following categories: comfort, access, stability, and ease of use for both athlete and affiliate gym owner.

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1) Safe Entry/Exit and Ease of Adjustments Between Athletes
Use the large standing plate located 1' off the ground to get in and get out safely and easily.
From there, the linear bearing footplate is adjustable forward/back in under 2 seconds. Pull the pop-pin, slide the ultra-smooth foot plate, and the pin pops in automatically (make sure you watch the video)

2) Stability
Weighing in at 135LBs and 70" in length. No more worrying about the sturdiness of your GHD.

3) Transportation and Storage
Comes with wheels in the back and band attachments at the front that double as handles so you can easily lift and roll away

4) Over-sized Foot Plate
Over-Sized footplate to allow proper toe drive and fire chain of muscles during GHRs: Calves, Hamstrings, Glutes

5) Comfort and Adjustments
Giant, Over-sized split half pads along with covered foam rollers. The linear bearing foot plate is capable of 14 different forward/back adjustments and 7 different up/down so you can train with varying angles

Additional Features of the Linear Bearing GHD:
Power band hooks for added resistance
Holes at base to bolt into ground

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