IWF Training discs

Werk San
Being one of a few manufacturers in the World to meet the IWF standard, Werk San is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to quality!


Werksan bumper plates features a tungsten steel hub that is designed to outperform other brands with brass/steel inserts. Having a steel hub allows the bumper to take more abuse without malfunctioning. The steel hub is machined cut to exact tolerances to fit industry standard bars.
Werksan bumpers are made of a synthetic compound comprised from rubber and Kevlar for longevity. This combined formula allows for an even bounce with high durability.
The diameters of our plates are 450mm with a tolerance of ± 1 mm. Steel hub insert has a diameter of 50.4mm collar insert opening for a firm, stable hold for industry standard bars.
Each bumper has raised flanges to help prevent friction and scuffing and lipped edges that make the bumpers easier to pick off the floor or off rack.
Each bumper plate is approved to IWF specifications which allows consistency.
Werksan bumpers are backed by our no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee with a 2 year warranty from the manufacture.

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