Colored Premium Bumper Plates 2.0 [piece]

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Colored Premium Bumper Plates 2.0
Using the experience since 2010 in manufacturing bumper plates, we have developed the Get RXd Premium 2.0 Grade Bumpers to be an industry leader in durability. Recommended for any box or garage gym that wants the best of the best. Please note the 15LB bumpers will be black

- Better Virgin/Harder Rubber content
- Better stainless steel insert to rubber hold
- Fit more weight on a bar: 55# + 45# Bumpers are both 3.15" thickness
- Super snug Inserts

Warranty Info:
- 90 Days on 10s and 15s
- 3 Years on 25s, 35s, 45s, and 55s

Thicker 10s/15s, Thinner 45s/55s
- Thicker 10s and 15s for greater durability
- Thinner 45s and 55s so you can fit more weight on the bar

Best Shore Durometer Rating
- 10s and 15s both have a Shore Durometer Rating of 92+
- More rigid, durable 10s and 15s
- Extremely Low, Dead-Bounce

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