Dynomaster Powerlifting Plate 10KG

dynomaster powerlifting plate 10kg
The Dynomater Powerlifting Plates are an elegant and reliable disc for powerlifting competition and training. Machine calibrated for next-level precision, these durable cast-iron KG plates are accurate to within 10g in weight. Each disc is cut thin to allow for max loading capacity (up to 700+ KG) and color-coded for easy identification from a distance. There are also calibration plugs on the back of each plate to allow for even greater precision.  These plates feature a 50mm center hole for a snug fit on your barbell, and as a result may not fit on some cheaper barbells not held to spec.

Sold in pairs or as a full set

Steel Powerlifting KG Discs

Machine calibrated to within +/- 10 grams

Calibration plugs on back of plates for increased precision

50mm collar opening for a snug fit.  

Thin Design for 700+ KG load capacity

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